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Gift box shape a lot, heart gift boxes which are very popular,
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1. Identify brand positioning

Defining a brand is about identifying the core values of the enterprise and its brand. Brand positioning, never underestimate nowadays consumer understanding, should ask repeatedly for the product may encounter difficulties, always keep in mind that attract consumers' attention is the most important goals.

Analyze your competitors

The analysis of the so-called competitors is to use differentiation strategies in similar products to promote brand and product promotion, giving consumers the reason to choose this product. Before starting the design, the designers of the product packaging box design company should first understand what kind of market this product can be in, and then go into the retail market to conduct research.

Keep the design simple

The language and visual effects should be kept clean, ensuring that the main visual cues on the package can be understood and accepted by ordinary consumers. If the information on the front of the package should not be too much, it will remove the redundant information and restrict the language space of the marketing promotion and the description of the advantages.
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